The Ritual of Bliss   

                90 min – 1500 AED

Awaken your senses with the deeper whispering sensory meridian response breathe, increase your ability to feel with feminine touch, activate your potential energy with the lovely tantric touch, express the sensitivity and feel the happiness  from your inner space and integrate it to your mind, connecting with your consciousness and surrender to the most sublime experience of healing orgasmic hug. Rise and increase your vital energy and express the bliss. 

-Healing hug

-Tantric breathe technique

-Awaken your deep senses

-Soft and energetic tantric touch

-Full body energetic massage

-Sounds and aromatherapy  


The Ritual of Love 

             120 min – 2000 AED

Create a new relationship with your body by the balance of your polarity energies, increase and extende your vital energy with the tantric breathing, energetic soft body touch, healing hug.

-Healing hug and cuddle therapy

-Tantric breathe technique

-Tantric asanas

-Awaken your deep senses

-Lovely tantric touch.

-ASMR breath  

-Increase a vital energy

-Kundalini experience

-Full body energetic

-Sounds and aromatherapy

Tantric Therapy 

         3 hs – 3500 AED

Tantra healing therapy is a holistic approach to healing that incorporates principles and practices from the tradition of Tantra. It is designed to promote physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Here’s what it generally involves:

– Energy Balancing: Tantra healing therapy often focuses on balancing and harmonizing the body’s energy centers or chakras. Practitioners work to remove blockages and promote the free flow of energy throughout the body.
– Breathwork: is a fundamental aspect of Tantra healing. Specific breathing techniques are used to increase awareness, relaxation, and to circulate energy throughout the body.
– Bodywork: Tantra healing may involve various forms of bodywork, such as massage, to release tension, promote relaxation, and enhance sensitivity to touch.
– Meditation and Mindfulness: Meditation and mindfulness practices are integral to Tantra healing. These techniques help individuals become more present and in tune with their own bodies and sensations.
– Spiritual Connection: Tantra healing therapy often encourages a sense of spiritual connection or oneness with the universe. It may involve visualization for connecting with divine energies.
– Emotional Release: Emotional healing is a key component. The therapy may involve techniques to release and process unresolved emotions and traumas.
– Enhanced Intimacy: In some cases, Tantra healing therapy is used to improve intimacy connection in relationships. It emphasizes communication, trust, and presence in deep emotional connection experiences.
– Personal Growth: Tantra healing is seen as a path of personal growth and self-discovery. It aims to help individuals realize their full potential and live a more fulfilling life.

Women’s Exclusive

Tantric Awakening


90 min 1000 AED


120 min 1500 AED


4 sessions of 90 min – 1000 AED per session or 3700 AED in one payment.

Tantra is the door to our inner space, access to the purest essence of the feminine, it is discovering our energetic potential, the strength of feminine energy, the expansion of consciousness through the tantric path, connecting with deep spirituality, the joy of life expressed in woman. Individual sessions, awakening of the inner goddess and her energetic potential.

Tantric Healing
-Soft and relaxing tantric breathing
-Energetic tantric touch
-Healing hug
-Tantric asanas
-Pelvic movements
-Re-connect with your inner space

Tantric Awakening
-Guided meditation in your inner goddess
-Re-connect with your inner goddess
-Energetic womb healing
-Working in a deep senses

Shakti Activation 
-Rising of sexual energy
-Polarity work
-Womb manifestation
-Rise and increase a sexual energy
-Energetic orgasm awakening

Kundalini Shakti Experience
-Adoration of the goddess and the body temple, deep spiritual ecstasy by tantric fire breath.


Online Program

        16 hours package – 5500 AED

Educational program designed to teach individuals about the philosophy, practices, and principles of Tantra. Designed widely in terms of content, depth, and focus. 

– Introduction to Tantra

– Tantric Asanas practices

– Chakra and Energy work

– Sacred Sexuality 

– Spiritual Growth

– Respect and Ethics 


Cuddle Therapy

         90 min – 1000 AED

The art of embracing with love, transmitting energy of trust, exchanging emotions, transmuting pain into pleasure, sadness into joy. Feel the human warmth through the healing embrace. Express deep emotions and get rid of the heavy loads accumulated in the muscles. Feel the pleasure of peace and stillness of mind.
It helps in reducing stress because the body releases oxytocin whenever you cuddle.
It benefits your heart’s health as cuddling leads to low blood pressure and low stress levels.
It also helps you in relieving your pain.
It helps in dealing with depression and anxiety.
It enables you to express yourself better.
Increase your ability to feel and to give.

Express your authenticity.

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