* Lovely Tantric Touch Ritual Massage 

It is the subtle adoration of the body to awaken the senses, increase sensivity and expand wellbeing in a emphasis of fusion with our inner space in a deep ecstasy

Session 60 min

* Awaken your Senses and Rise your Vital Energy, Body Work, Ritual Massage 

The tantric massage is a ritual, it is the adoration to the body and to his interior being, it is a meditation, rise, increase and balance a sexual energy. Across the lovely tantra touch our sensibility is increased and we can feel more there of the imaginable thing, our feelings sublime are made present liberating all the mental conditioning to you can awaken all your senses and enjoing in a deep spiritual ecstasy. At the health level you can connect and heal dysfunctions, release energies and access the state of spiritual ecstasy.

Session 90 min

With rituals 2 hs

Tantra healing session. 3 hs

* Tantra for Couples 

  Fall in love again

The tantra session for couples is a reconnection from the deepest emotions and sensations, to relive and feel the love and passion, to keep alive the flame of desire and the emotional healing of the couple. 

Session 2 hs

Session 3 hs

* Shiva & Shakti Tantra Training

Special tantric training program

Session 6 hs

Session 12 hs

* Bhairavi & Bhairava Tantric Training

Tantric weekend, all inclusive with detox plan,

* Active Tantric Meditation

It is an active meditation where universal energy descends to our body and rise us to a state of fullness and harmony. We start looking at the life and everything what surrounds us from a different optics, we manage to be fully conscious of the beauty, everything what we observe becomes beautiful and sacred, we learn to value the life, our body, the nature, other beings and manage to understand that we all are a part of the same universe where the negative aspects as the suffering are an alone product of our mental condition.

Session 3 hs

* Pranayama

The pranayama is a technology of breathing across which we control the flow of energy. This practice to part of his numerous therapeutic benefits, controls the mind, it is a bridge of connection with the cosmic prana, one accedes to a condition of deep easing and of connection with our interior without the conditioning of the mind. The practices of pranayama allow to be a channel of energy you, to expand and to deliver energy to all those who surround you.

Session 1 h

* Kundalini Awakening

When the Kundalini energy awakens and rises through the 7 chakras, we are at the door of the awakening of consciousness, where the ego dies and the mind is aligned.

Kundalini Shakti is our most powerful energy of transformation, it raises us to vibrate at the highest frequency from where we can express our highest potential. Kundalini Shakti is the path to eternity.

Weekend event.

” Open your hearth, breathe and conquer the world “