The Art of Tantra

Tantra is a philosophy of life and can be adapted to any culture, it is reaching the state of fullness of being, control of the mind and emotions through a better and wiser use of vital energy.

Marbella & Dubai Tantra Experience

Tantra is not a technique, it is the awakening of the different states of consciousness to live and express the freedom of being without the conditioning of the mind, which directs us to follow a pattern according to the experiences of our life. Its essence is found in the vital  energy, which through this practice must be elevated beyond the physical feeling.

Tantra is the love in his high expression, it is the expansion of the mind for the liberation of the energy, the expansion of the mind on all seven levels of conscience and the liberation of the energy of the dimensions dense of the matter.

Tantra is about truly loving and embracing all of life and through this love remembering our essence, the divine.

Tantra is a life path.

The art of tantra transports us to a space in which it increases our sensibility and our feelings evoking a happy condition of the being.

The true path of tantra is the fusion of energies by a deep spiritual way.

A philosophy that aims to get to know yourself better through yoga, meditation, joy, art and beauty.

Thousands of years ago, precisely vital energy was practiced between peoples to reach the maximum spiritual connection, love, meditation, joy, art and beauty.

Tantra actually all it talks about is meditation. Its particularity and what is so striking about this path of knowledge of being is that contrary to other spiritual currents that promote loneliness and withdrawal from the world, Tantra brings meditation to the realm of intimate sharing in everyday life, in the body and the emotions.

The fundamental point in tantra is that you must first know yourself, create a deep connection with yourself, fall in love with yourself in order to share that purity in a relationship. The work is first at the individual level and then it can be shared.