Alexandra Katherine

From Marbella, Spain, is a highly qualified therapist, “Expert Body Massage” certified with KHDA, Certificate, holder of the Teacher and Bachelor in Human Value, Facilitator of integrative meditation, breathing techniques. Tantra master, Kundalini Energy Activation and Coach. Quantum Holistic Healer.

I was initiated in the European School of Tantra Alegraluz and the rising of my Kundalini Energy.

Continuing for the tantra way with Teacher Uma, in Florida – USA. Pranayama’s Techniques Guide and Meditation. Body Work and Body Breathe Coach. Body Scan. Emotional Healer.

In Spain I collaborated a few years ago as a therapist with Alegraluz International School of Tantra in Marbella.

In Copenhagen, Denmark I have collaborated as a therapist and event development in the British company Breeze Retreats for 2 years.

Our main purpose is expanding the knowledge of the art of conscious love, to awaken our sleeping senses, raise and expand our vital energy, harmonize the 7 energetic qualities of the human being, improve the quality of life through a holistic, healthy and energetic path, awaken the elevated states of consciousness, so that we are able to live in that space of true fullness.

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