Alexa Kathe

          Tantric Coach

    Kundalini Awakening 

I invite you to know a little about my history and to connect with me from this space.

I’m an Holistic Tantric Therapist, from Marbella, Spain. I’m a Tantric Yogini. Bachelor in Education, Master in Human Values. Tantric Coach, Empowerment of Men and Women, Couples Therapy, Holistic Sexuality and Eco Sexuality, Healer. 

I had an spontaneous awakening of the tantric consciousness and the kundalini energy after this experience I was initiated in the European School of Tantra “ Alegraluz “ and the elevation of my Kundalini Energy by the Master Paramahamsa Nithyananda,

I’m a Teacher of Tantra and Kundalini Awakening Facilitator. Continuing for the tantra way with Teacher Uma, in Florida – USA. Pranayama’s Techniques Guide and Meditation. Body Work and Body Breathe Coach. Body Scan. Emotional Healer.

By the grace of Master Parvathi Shaktikananda I initiated myself in the processes of detoxification and purification of the physical body, manifesting a deep connection with holistic nutrition.

In Spain I collaborated a few years ago as a therapist with Alegraluz International School of Tantra in Marbella.

In Copenhagen, Denmark I have collaborated as a therapist and event development in the British company Breeze Retreats for 2 years.

In my spiritual path I had the grace to know who was and is my main Master and Guide Spiritual Sri Sathya Sai Baba and I obtained a knowledge to connect to the cosmos and experience oneness through the manifestation of universal divine love with all that exists and where I graduated in Human Values Education.

I lead a spiritual life based to serve and love everyone.

By the grace of revolutionary Gurù Paramahamsa Nithyananda, I obtained knowledge to awaken the kundalini energy, make body scan, and manifest healing  energies, connect, serve and live in the power of simplicity, awakening consciousness, healing emotions and flowing with the cosmos..

Eternal happiness for you.

“ When your Bhakti invokes Lord Shiva’s, Shakti miracles happen