Alexa Kathe 

I’m an Holistic Therapist and Expert Body Massage Certified from Marbella, Spain. I’m a Tantric Yogini. Bachelor in Education, Master in Human Values. Coach, Empowerment of Men and Women, Couples Therapy, Holistic  Healer, Healing Touches, Guided Meditation, Holistic Shamanic Training. 

I was initiated in the European School of Tantra “ Alegraluz “ and the rising of my Kundalini Energy.

Continuing for the tantra way with Teacher Uma, in Florida – USA. Pranayama’s Techniques Guide and Meditation. Body Work and Body Breathe Coach. Body Scan. Emotional Healer.

In Spain I collaborated a few years ago as a therapist with Alegraluz International School of Tantra in Marbella.

In Copenhagen, Denmark I have collaborated as a therapist and event development in the British company Breeze Retreats for 2 years.

Our main purpose is expanding the knowledge of the art of conscious love, to awaken our sleeping senses, raise and expand our vital energy, harmonize the 7 energetic qualities of the human being, improve the quality of life through a holistic, healthy and energetic path, awaken the elevated states of consciousness, so that we are able to live in that space of true fullness.

 Eternal happiness for you.

“ When your Bhakti invokes Lord Shiva’s, Shakti miracles happen