Welcome to my magical space !

Alexa Kathe Tantric Coach

I have destined this mystical and sacred space to hedonistic people, for those who want to live free, awaken the senses and exalt the sensibility.

I have adopted the art of conscious love, as the philosophy of my life and transmit it is part of my personal satisfaction.


My motivation is to make known through my therapies the authentic and ancient art of tantra, the simply things does not interest the conscience, tantra is a way to awaken and elevate the ordinary being to an extraordinary being in a deep spiritual ecstasy.


The awakening of the senses, increasing sensivity and accesing the state of cosmic ecstasy gives rise to the eternal universal dance in a deep spiritual ecstasy if you are looking for this ancient art, that is Surya Tantra ! 

” They entice the senses and open the heart in ancient and mysterious way”


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