Hi Alexa, I wanted to say thank you, when I left your studio I felt like a ball in my stomach, this ball was like an energy that mover, today I have seen a different life and I think that all this time I have been asleep. Thank you for this awakening.

Valery from Switzerland

Today, I can say that Kundalini awakening has brought me greater clarity, purpose, and a deep sense of inner peace. It’s an ongoing journey, and I continue to explore its depths. I believe that Kundalini awakening is a sacred gift, a journey to self-realization, and a path to living in alignment with the highest truth of our existence.

Mike from London

The therapy has been for me a journey to the depths of my interior, where I have found myself and I have discovered who I am.

Tom from Canada

Through Tantra therapy, I learned to approach my body with love, compassion, and acceptance. I discovered that my body holds wisdom and carries the keys to unlocking a more fulfilling and vibrant life. Tantra therapy helped me shed the shame and insecurities I had about my body, allowing me to embrace it as a sacred vessel for my soul.

Edward from Ireland

It has allowed me to embrace my authenticity, connect with my partner on a deeper level, and experience life with newfound joy and vitality. It’s a path I’m grateful to have discovered and continue to explore.

Søren from Copenhagen 

Very nice experience with Alexandra.
Her service was very professional and amazing.
I can only recommend her highly.

Nils from Denmark